Which Online Bank To Choose For Better Life Insurance In 2020?

There are several life insurance policies in 2020 and it is difficult to choose from the worst to the best. As for an insurer, it could distribute its contracts in different banks with different conditions. Given that she will accompany her subscriber for several years, it is crucial to make the right choice. How to opt for online banking offering perfect life insurance?

Choosing The Best Life Insurance.

A comparison of the life insurance contracts offered by each online banking establishment is essential for an intelligent choice. To achieve this, you must consult all the conditions and take into account important criteria such as the method of managing a contract. In general, it should allow both free, streamlined and mandated management.

You should also avoid life insurance policies that charge between 2 and 4% of fees on each payment. It would be better to focus on others without tariff in terms of payment, redemption and arbitration. Otherwise, the management fees should be reasonable, in other words no more than 0.60% per year on euro funds and units of account.

Also, it is better to choose one that can offer one or two good funds in euros. A wide choice of account units will also boost savings in bond, real estate or equity funds. Good life insurance should therefore have a wide range of units of account .

Choose Online Banking.

BforBank is the only online bank that has managed to maintain its return of more than 3%. His contract also allows the subscriber to benefit from a premium of 200 euros for an opening from the month of July 2019. In terms of management fees, there is a rate applied to funds in euros of 0.60 and 0.70%, amount 0.85% on units of account.

ING Direct is also an interesting choice with its life insurance accessible from 300 euros of payment. On funds in euros, the fees correspond to 0.75% and 0.85% on units of account. As for the rest (file, entry, payment, arbitration fees, etc.), they are free. Otherwise, the yields offered in recent years vary from year to year.

Fortuneo also offers good life insurance with a return on euro funds of 3.10%. It offers a welcome bonus of 150 euros for any subscription to a contract with a minimum of 3,000 euros invested at least 40% on unit-linked supports. As with the previous one, all fees, put to those intended for management (0.60% for funds in euros and 0.76% on account units), are free.

Financial institutions Hello Bank, Monabanq and Boursorama also have more or less interesting offers to explore. In the end, however, it is indeed Fortuneo which is the only one to offer easy-to-access and flexible life insurance