Life Insurance, Preferred Savings Medium For The French.

According to the results of surveys carried out by Odoxa for Linxea and Le Parisien, life insurance remains the leaning position of the French. It turns out that 1 in 2 French people have a contract. 

Of this long-term investment, we cite: the Livret A, the PEL or Plan Épargne Logement, and the PEA or Plan Épargne en Actions. These expenses are subject to only minimal symbolic taxation.

This tax criterion makes them attractive compared to other means of financing. In addition, through life insurance, it is allowed to generate sources of income such as trading.

The inheritance can also be carried out without complications.

Attractive Taxation.

The life insurance is an essential investment vehicle of its tax advantages. It turns out to be the most profitable of all investment methods. In addition, it is a long-term savings .

There are different forms of direct debit in this sense. The mechanisms that constitute them differ from one another. The fee is determined by the year of appropriation of the contract.

For 2011, it was 3% to 4%.

> The taxable base for Income Tax or IR is fixed according to the nature of the redemption. This can be done partially or entirely.

Social security contributions are compulsory for all life insurance products in all its forms . However, they vary according to the date of their acquisition.

A progressive scale manages these accommodations in life insurance or taxable bases with tax.

On the other hand, there is the flat-rate excise that the taxpayer can choose. It is fixed in relation to the duration of the contract.

Taxation is also advantageous for inheritance tax or the transfer of property. All costs relating to the procedures depend on the date of opening of the agreement and the amounts transferred. Most of the time, they are exempt.

Diversity Of Savings Media.

Indeed, life insurance offers a wide range of supports. The latter guarantee a stable retirement. It provides for possible hardship insofar as one can make withdrawals from passing events.

In this regard, the insured has the choice to buy back in full all the sums he has saved. He can also decide to pay him partially for life.

The advance is a means of recovering the fortune for later repayment. It is not taxed because it will be returned to its owner. In this case, the capital is not affected. This will continue to generate interest.

The life annuity aims to pay a balance to a taxpayer until his death. As a result, he will have no financial worries when he retires because he will already have his own money.

It is a question of acquiring a real estate heritage as a bare owner . When the contract is finished, all of the property returns to him.

On the one hand, there is the attractive tax system for the benefit of savers. This one turns out to be more interesting compared to that of other investments.

In addition, it constitutes a source of additional long-term funding.


In life insurance , there are also flexible funds. These offer better performance. This approach allows changes to be made in relation to changes in the economic situation.

Indeed, this allows you to find an ideal opportunity to get started on the financial markets.

Savers have a variety of choices for making more additional sources of income.

As an example, there is M&G Optimal Income . It is one of the most important funds in Europe. Bonds on its entire portfolio have attracted more customers to adopt it.

The M & G Dynamic Allocation also makes the most selected flexible funds. He focuses mainly on the stock market activity by devoting 20% ​​to 60% of cash. It experienced a 9% boom for the first months of the year.

Three more interesting ones have also had success with life insurance savers. These are Fidelity Heritage , Responsive Growth , and Patrimonial Balanced. They all play a role in the diversification of life insurance contracts.

Flexible funds are optional but more helpful. Those who opted were not disappointed according to the votes cast with the French population.