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7 Instances That Prove Renting an Apartment Can Be Really Tricky

Each of us has likely rented or leased an apartment or a house at least once. People can rent a living space for a long period of time or just a few days, and everyone remains happy as a rule. However, there are situations when everything goes wrong.

we decided to have a look at the science of renting from both landlords’ and tenants’ points of view, and we sympathize with all of them.

“’We have an iron,’ the landlord said.”

“I’m really amazed by tenants. Why keep it secret that you broke the iron? It costs almost nothing. No, they decided to fix the iron bottom with stationery clear glue. Sure, the landlord wouldn’t be checking it when they’re moving out. Of course, as soon as I turned it on, the bottom fell off.”


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