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7 Facts About Prop Food in Movies That Only True Fans Know

3. Large quantities of food are in order.

When it comes to filming, each dish has to have several replicas in case there are multiple takes they’re needed for. “For a Thanksgiving scene, I need 8 to 24 turkeys because every time they cut a turkey, they need a new one,” says chef Chris Oliver, one of the most famous food stylists in American film and television.

In addition, there are scenes where actors actually eat; if they eat half a hamburger and the scene has to be repeated, they need to start over with a whole new hamburger again. For the filming of the movie, Chef, about 800 Cuban sandwiches had to be made. “You have to eat and then you have to eat again, and then you have to eat again for every angle and every shot,” says its director, Jon Favreau.


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