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7 Facts About Prop Food in Movies That Only True Fans Know

In movies from the ’60s, the trend was to use pasta, mainly spaghetti, for scenes that included some type of lunch or dinner because it was easy to make and stayed in good condition on the plate for quite some time. But like other things, movie food has also evolved in recent years, creating a whole gastronomic underworld around it, which, in addition to chefs, also includes specialized photographers and culinary stylists.

1. The food is prepared by highly qualified professionals.

The role of film culinary stylists is not just to cook, but to also make food look realistic on camera, as well as edible and able to withstand the demands of filming (duration, weather, temperature, etc.). Of course, in addition to all that, the food needs to look tasty for when it appears on camera.

Because of all that, culinary stylists need not only extensive culinary training but also knowledge of nutrition and state-of-the-art cooking techniques, such as molecular gastronomy, the science that investigates the transformations that ingredients undergo during preparation.


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