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6 forbidden foods for constipation

6 forbidden foods for constipation


Constipation is defined as the inability of a person to pass stool three or fewer times a week. Furthermore, the stools generated are often dry and hard, making bowel motions uncomfortable.

Many individuals experience occasional constipation, while some have it regularly. This produces a lot of pain, and although it usually has no major health repercussions, it may create diverticula in the colon.

Constipation may be caused by various circumstances, including disorders that make it difficult for the large intestine to operate. Some endocrine illnesses, as well as the use of certain drugs, may cause it.

However, poor dietary habits, such as a lack of fibre and hydration consumption, are one of the most prevalent culprits. Similarly, when a major change in food is undertaken, the large intestine’s function might be impacted.

6 bad foods for constipation



The effects of a ripe banana vs a green banana on intestinal transit are vastly different. Because the starch has already been converted to sugar, those that are already ripe are sweeter. On the other hand, the green banana induces constipation because it contains starch that has not yet been transformed into fructose.

On the other hand, the ripe banana is not an issue since it has the opposite effect due to the sugars and high fibre content that it naturally has as a fruit.

Constipated patients should avoid green bananas and instead eat ripe ones to aid their intestinal transit.

White bread


The white plan is devoid of any helpful fibre for intestinal transit, which means it takes longer to digest. Its ingestion might result in heavier digestion and constipation and create gases.

Foods made with white refined flour are not suggested for those suffering from this illness. In such a manner that it is easy to consume little amounts of it or choose wholemeal flours, which include fibre that is helpful for intestinal transit.

Rye bread, for example, is lower in fat than white wheat bread and working as a natural laxative.

Toasted bread