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5 Common Stereotypes About a Healthy Lifestyle That Are Actually Harmful

Nowadays, having a healthy lifestyle is pretty trendy and it is actually a great and positive thing to set as a goal. A balanced diet, physical activity, good sleep – all of these make us strong, healthy, and happy. But very often false stereotypes, that seem to be true, appear on the wave of a trend and we have to be careful because believing these can harm us. Check out the following list and tomorrow you will probably decide to get rid of that uncomfortable “ergonomic” chair or diversify your diet with dishes prepared in a multi-cooker.

We have investigated a list of these stereotypes and will fill you in on the reality so you can start your true pursuit of self-perfection. At the end of the article, there is also a bonus that will tell you the best time to take a shower.

1. The redder salmon meat is, the healthier it is.

Wild breeds of salmon such as sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon have an intense bright coloring, while more expensive and fat salmon breeds (which are also rich in Omega-3s) are actually much more pale. And those white streaks you see in fish are actually good – they mean that no dyes were added to the fish.

So, color is not an indicator of freshness or ‘wildness.’ Most of the salmon sold in supermarkets is either delivered from farms or has been previously frozen – all because a freshly-caught fish spoils really fast.


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