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3 Horror Movies Based On TRUE FACTS that will terrify you

3 Horror Movies Based On TRUE FACTS that will terrify you


The lighting, the camera cuts, and the performers’ performances were all excellent. These elements allow a horror film to creep us out when taken as a whole effectively. However, there is one more component that escalates the degree of terror even more, and that component is the term “based on true facts.” And right now, we’re going to speak about three of those movies that, after seeing them, will probably prevent you from going to sleep.



When there are so many movies about psychopaths who murder people, we probably wouldn’t think that the one containing a doll that is cursed was based on actual occurrences. Fans of older horror films are likely already aware that Ed and Lorraine Warren are based on real people, and that they do, in fact, conduct investigations into the paranormal. Oh! They still have the doll in their possession today!

1968 was the year that a student gave the Warrens the doll. The previous owner said that the toy was connected to a string of unfortunate occurrences in her life, and that a psychic had informed her that the toy was possessed by the ghost of a young woman called Anabelle.

Do you need any more motivation to jump up and down? The couple continued to show the doll to visitors at their museum of unusual objects, despite the fact that some visitors started to complain of terrible headaches and pain when they got close to the area where the doll was displayed.

Exorcism of Emily Rose


It’s one of those films that you really hope wasn’t based on true events, since it sends shivers down your spine simply to consider the possibility that all of this might really have happened. The tragic life of the young German Anneliese Michel served as the inspiration for the film.

The young girl, who came from a Catholic home and was otherwise in good condition, fell into a serious melancholy in 1973 for no apparent cause. After being sent to a mental institution, she started having peculiar behaviours and attitudes, such as experiencing pain when she got close to religious things. She also began hearing voices.

Because Anneliese’s parents wanted to try something different, they put her through 67 different exorcism sessions. She eventually reached the point when she refused to eat and drink, which led to her death from starvation. The audio recordings of the exorcism sessions, which were played during the trial of the parents who were accused of medical misconduct and are now accessible on the internet, were played during the exorcism sessions.

Fire in the Sky