18 Signs Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

sweet couple

He’s probably the type of guy who always says “I love you” but how can you really tell that he does? If only finding the answer is as easy as plucking petals off a flower, then you don’t have to worry anymore. I hope everyone is aware that words are just words and it’s still actions that really count. Not all people who say those three words and eight letters really mean it. Love is a tricky thing, so you should be wise as well.

Find out the answer as you read through the signs I listed down if your boyfriend really loves you.

1. He always makes a great effort.
A boyfriend who truly loves you will not be contented with making mediocre efforts because he always want the best for you. Even if it’s too much for him, he will do it because he’s happy to do it.

2. He always find a way to be with you. 
A guy who truly loves you is going to free his time for you no matter how hectic his schedule is. Remember that there is a big difference between someone who frees his time just to talk to you and someone who talks to you during his free time.

3. He stares at you like his dream has finally come true.
He looks at you like he can’t believe you’re with him. This is the kind of guy who is not looking at you for lust and desire but rather it’s a look reserved only for you. I have to admit I find this sweet, especially if my boyfriend tells me “I can’t believe someone like you is already mine.” I can’t help but shuddered in delight every time I hear this and I do feel his love for me.

4. He can’t keep his hands off.